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Cool WAV - Vitality Volume 3 [20 Free Vital Presets]

Vitality Volume 3 is a collection of 20 Free Presets for the VST Vital. Wavetables from Analog/Vintage hardware synthesizers were used along with royalty free instrument samples under the Creative Commons 0 license. All Presets have 4 Macros for quick customization. Most of these were made during Cool WAV's "Vital sound design" videos on YouTube.

Note: Every odd # Vitality preset Bank (volume 1, 3, etc) is Free and every even # Vitality preset Bank (volume 2, 4, etc.) will be for sale.


808/Bass - 3

Keys - 5

Leads - 4

Pads - 6

Sequence (Arp) - 1

Sound FX - 1

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