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Cool WAV - Power Surge V2 (Free Surge XT Presets)

Power Surge Volume 2 is a collection of 15 Presets for the amazing open source Synthesizer Surge XT. A how to install video is included.

Preset List

  1. Prolific Bass
  2. Saturated Bass
  3. Bell Keys
  4. Computer Link Keys
  5. Square Bells
  6. Startup (Keys)
  7. Best Singer (Lead)
  8. Click Flute
  9. Try Again Lead
  10. Bucket Delay Pad
  11. Epicly Pad
  12. Games Begin (Pad)
  13. My Calculations (Pad)
  14. Perfect Sync Pad
  15. Serious Pad

Download Link

YouTube demo

Product page

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