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Cool WAV - 10,000 Free Drum Samples [YouTube video]

I made a video showing off over 10,000 free drum samples that are free to download online. No pirated stuff. They are either directly from the sound designer/company or through a partnership. Timestamps and Download links are in the video description.

I will rarely email you videos from the Cool WAV channel that have an insane amount of free stuff, such as the 40GB of Free VST's that Roland Cloud has been giving away.

Cool WAV's channel is about 700 hours of watch time away from becoming a YouTube Partner.

Check it out here

Cool WAV - Asperations Vol 1 [FREE Asper Presets]

Cool WAV - Pneumatic Vol 1 [FREE Pneuma Presets

Cool WAV is now on PATREON

Cool WAV - Simple Console Plugin [FREE]

Cool WAV - Simple Saturation Plugin [FREE]

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