Space Portals V2 [Output Portal Presets]


Space Portals V2 [Output Portal Presets]

Cool WAV

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Space Portals Volume 2 is a collection of 15 Presets for the Granular FX plugin Portal. A how to install video is included.

Preset List

  1. Dry Wet 50-50
  2. Finish Him
  3. I'm Leaving You
  4. Reverse Time Machine
  5. Reversed 50 Percent
  6. Right Drummer
  7. Runaway Love
  8. Sorry 4 the Pain
  9. Spread your Wings
  10. Subtle Sanity
  11. Super Duper Fire Delay 1-4D
  12. Take it Down a Notch
  13. The Drum Store
  14. The Game of Life
  15. Vibes are Hazy

Refund Policy: No refunds or exchanges. Watch the demo video to hear an audition of each Preset. Please download "Space Portals V1" (free) first to see if you like Cool WAV's sound design style.

Email: contactcoolwav@gmail.com

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