Obercool [BX Oberhausen Presets]

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Obercool is a collection of 15 Free Presets for BX Oberhausen by Brainworx. BX Oberhausen is an emulation of the Oberheim SEM Analog Synthesizer. BX Oberhausen is free to download until 4/26/22 (see link at bottom of page)

Preset List

  • Chasing You [keys]
  • Crash the Party [lead]
  • Floatation Device [keys]
  • Karaoke [lead]
  • Kastlevania [keys]
  • Madness [pad]
  • Short P8D [pad]
  • Stereo Distorted [lead]
  • Super 5th [lead]
  • Super Bounce [arp]
  • The Burglar Alarm [fx]
  • The Ultimate [bass]
  • Thematic [keys]
  • Ugly [bass]
  • Wake me up [arp pad]
  • How to Install video included

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Obercool [BX Oberhausen Presets]

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